Wednesday 16 June 2010

NO marriage low self esteem

If he tells you that he does not love you and he will never marry you, what would you do?  Surprisingly there are many women out there right now in this very situation.  The man that they have fallen in love with and have spent so many years of their life with, has told them that, he does not want to marry them.  He has even told them that he does plan on marrying in the future, just not to her!

You would think that was a good enough reason for any woman to run out of there and find a new life.  Unfortunately, most women in this situation don't get out fast enough.  Their self esteem and self confidence are so low at this stage that they feel its best for them to stay where they are.  They are probably scared of being alone or starting all over again. Well I say what is the use in staying in something where there is no love at all.  You are giving out all this love and for what?

Self esteem and self confidence can come back.  It just needs to be worked upon.  Staying in a relationship where there is no love is not a way to get your self esteem back as most of us know.  For those of you who don't know, self esteem is just a feeling, self confidence is just a feeling.  These are feelings we can nurture and grow again.  Just the same as it was knocked it can be mended.  It takes time.

You have to start believing in yourself again.  You have to look at who you are and what you are about.  Forget about the situation you are in for one minute and take some time out for yourself and re discover who you are.

See your self in the future of who you want to be, how you want to feel, what you want to be doing with yourself, the type of man you want.  Keep all those things in mind in a positive way.  Keep focusing on the new you and watch it develop.

Do whatever it takes for you to get a new life and your confidence back!

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Hormonial with pregnancy

Being pregnant is usually a great feeling. Both you and your partner are excited about the new life you are about to bring into the world. As a woman at times you can tend to feel unloved during your pregnancy or too fat, lazy, tired, miserable.  All those unwanted feelings on top of being pregnant, can sometimes show up parts of you that even you didn't knew existed.

So from one day to the next you feel sad and even angry.  Your not even sure why you feel like this.  The hormones which are produced in your body are there for several reasons during your pregnancy.

Progesterone - This hormone are for relaxing the muscles in your womb which prevent contractions which could lead to miscarriage.

Oestrogen - This Hormone is there to help the preparation of your babies milk

Rexalin - This Hormone helps to soften your tissues and joints helps to increase your flexibility which in turn prepares you for your labour.

These are just a few, these hormones can then lead to you feeling sick which leads to morning sickness.   With all these hormones and issues running around your body, no wonder you then scream and shout at him indoors.  Half the time he has no idea what is going on.  All he knows is that you are pregnant and your hormones are creating havoc on you and him!

There isn't really that much you can do with the sickness the crying the snapping.  The most you can do is get yourself into a calmer state as you possibly can for you.  Apparently Ginger will help with the morning sickness, try some gentle swimming to keep you calm, this will release the Endorphins which keep us happy.

Let your partner know how all these hormones can affect you, let him know that this is not the usual you and he needs to bare with you and be understanding.  You will be back to normal once the baby is born.  Just be aware of all of this.  Search the Internet for remedies which can reduce some of the feelings.

You want your partner to love your regardless of the hormones, after all your both going through this pregnancy together.

Ask him to give you back massages and foot rubs.  Let him bring you breakfast in bed at times. Let him pamper you to keep your moods up there.

How to cope with morning sickness

Sunday 16 May 2010

The power of Love

Love is a very powerful emotion.  The feeling of love can make you do things you never believed you could.  Love makes you feel empowered. Not only do you have a constant smile in your heart, you also have a smile coming through your words.

Being in love and being loved is the perfect recipe for a beautiful relationship.  Any relationship without love can not and will not last.  When the love goes some one must go.  You can only cause damage to your own emotions by staying in a loveless relationship.

Once you fall in love and the love comes back, cherish it and nurture it, to keep it alive.  Love needs to be cared for and cherished. Love must not be ignored and left to grow on its own.  Nothing grows without some kind of nurturing.

If you are in love and you are being loved, allow it to grow into a beautiful flower.  Do whatever it takes to allow it to grow.

Love is Beautiful.